Ateji is closed.

For details, please check this blog entry.

The current versions of our products are now available freely for download. Join the public community groups for support or any other related question:


Customers and Partners

The demo illustrates how easily a computation of the Mandelbrot set can be parallelized using Ateji PX.

OptimJ and Ateji PX are now freely available

The OptimJ and Ateji PX Premium Editions are now available for free on our website.

Ateji PX 1.2 released

Ateji PX for Java introduces parallelism at the language level. Now compatible with Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo)

Ateji PX allows easy Android parallel programming on NVIDIA’s Tegra chips

With Ateji PX Android developers can easily boost their application on embedded ARM multicore CPUs